CSS Visual Dictionary / Contains visual diagrams describing all CSS properties (including flex and css grid)

CSS Visual Dictionary
Back cover is a flex reference unto itself:
CSS Visual Dictionary
Hey guys, it's me JavaScript Teacher!

Well, my real name is Greg, and I've been making free tutorials since 2004. If you think you learned something new by reading my visual tutorials, you have an opportunity to help me continue producing freemiumâ„¢ content by supporting my work.

Grab a copy of Visual Dictionary via this page and save $10 if you're feeling digital. Paperback recommended, though.
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Recent Amazon book review
I love this book. I wasn't very good with styling my websites and this book was the perfect solution. This book takes a great approach at teaching styling via CSS. The information this book expresses is invaluable. Thanks!!
Recent Amazon book review
So many technical books these days are 90% fluff. I'm weary of books that preface every topic with a long tortured intro involving a war story and then a sales pitch on why you need it. I don't even buy books anymore because of it. This book is refreshing in its very straightforward, clear and concise text coupled with clear visual explanation of each idea. I'm still working my way through this one, but I'm happy so far.

CSS Is Hard... But It Doesn't Have To Be

With CSS grid and Flex added to CSS specification, indeed CSS has earned its place as a serious design tool among other coding languages such as JavaScript and HTML.

With this completely visual approach to education, CSS Visual Dictionary is not only a passage that can be read from start to finish, but also used a reference that will serve you in your career as a graphic and web designer for years to come.

Book Content Preview / total 162 pages / 228 diagrams:
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